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Laser Sont Nous

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230 ave. Dorval
Montreal, QC
telephone(514) 631-7528
Laser Sont Nous

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WARNING! there are much better places!
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Reviewed by MFS, user profile 

WARNING! This is a comment on a Team buy deal that this spa had put in place for new customers (as it is a new place. There were many many questions prior to the deal being bought that were misleading and as you read on you will see that if you are going to do laser and pay that much, you may want someone who actually cares about their business and is polite):

WARNING! I have been extremely dissatisfied with the customer service at this spa!!! Firstly, no one answers the phone unless you contineously call on redial and finally someone may pickup if you are lucky. Furthermore, as a long time customer of team buy vouchers, it is standard that when they offer a service and what is included in the buy details are what binds the merchant and the buyer, as would any contract.

In the case however, the owner (Sanaz) is a utterly rude and unclassy individual who has no experience in customer service whatsoever. So I find it interesting that TeamBuy would qualify her as "Yes, Laser Sont Nous is a brand new clinic, run by experienced owners and staff with multiple years in the industry."

I had purchased this deal for my mother as a gift, thinking it would be a great opportunity for her to have to put away waxing for good. I had, as many of you have also, asked questions, reviewed others questions and answers, before making up my mind as to buy the deal.

Don't be the owner has now added many new rules after the deal has been closed: now you must wait 2 weeks between appointments (for the different body parts) and cannot book anything earlier. Also, you cannot do your legs or arms until September, and there are no exceptions. So you can start other parts before but then that means that your ticket of one year starts running then. Also, she has now decided that its not the standard 4 weeks wait between sessions for the same area to be treated but 6 to 8 weeks.

The staff is polite and helpful, but they cannot make a decision without Sanaz's input. It took over 12 calls, 2 personal visits to the spa and finally a fairly firm final call to have the owner call our house to explain why these conditions weren't written in the conditions. I can tell you that despite being extremely polite with her, she proceeded to raise her voice and yell at my mother (who is an elder) and then when i took the phone to see if it was a language barrier issue, and explain that Ive done laser in the past and I am aware of how Team Buy works and that the conditions cannot be suddenly changed after the buy is closed....SHE YELLED AND TOLD ME THAT "honey you dont scare me!! if you want to take your money back, I dont need your business" AND THEN HUNG UP ON ME!!

so if you want to deal with someone that will change the conditions under which you all bought your vouchers and in essence make you lose over at least 3-5 sessions because of these unknown rules.... then this is definitely the place for you. If they don't care for the business, then frankly they wont care what their work is like and how they treat you if you are dissatisfied with the laser they'll probably half-heartedly do....and do you really want to do business and pay someone who doesn't care for your business and will not be accommodating in the least bit when you question them simply on why there are additional rules that were not disclosed at the time of the buy???

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