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Clinique Bio-Esthétique

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5022 Côtes des Neiges
Montreal, QC

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Do not go to this spa
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Reviewed by Lilmissjc, user profile 

Worst spa ever! The place is so small and the decoration, wait.. What decoration? Snobby owner, desorganized & uneffective treatment. It is impossible to reach them on the phone! Seem like the phone is there as a display and not for use. When i went for my treatments, either they can't find my file or they get the area of treatment wrong. Preparation doesnt exist in their vocabulary. Anyways, if u feel like throwing money out the window, you can give it a try. I tried it, i didnt like it and will not be going back. This spa has appeared in a couple of deal websites, probably they aren't doing so well because customers (ME!) aren't going back once they have experience their horrible customer service.

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