Help and Guidelines- For Sellers

Posting Special Offers

Making Offers on Requests

This is a place where everyone can make requests for any type of local product or service. Sellers then bid on the opportunity to provide the service or product to the group. It's your opportunity to collaborate with a buyer and win the job to provide the service they need. This guide will walk through the sellers’s side of a request.

Bidding on requests

It's free and easy to bid on requests. To begin, all public requests can be viewed and sellers can submit offers to satisfy the request. Qualified sellers can view additional private buyer requests. '. If you're not currently a qualified seller and you would like to offer your services to people, you gain access to requests by creating your lsiting in our directory. Certain details should be provided in each offer:

Describe exactly what you will provide:
Describe in detail what and when you will provide, based on the request and your own limitations. This is the text you will use to describe exactly what you are selling and what the buyer is buying if your offer is accepted and turned into a binding agreement, so be sure to include all the relevant details (like cost, delivery date, specifications, size/measurements and any other important info. You can also include web links to relevant images).

How much will it cost to sell or provide (per unit)?
Provide your price for providing each individual item. Your offer may be different than the buyer's ‘ideal price’ in the request if you think it will cost more or less to provide the item. All transactions are in Canadian Dollars (CAD$).

Estimated shipping cost:
This is what you anticipate it will cost to ship the item, based on the buyer's location and the description of the item.
When can you deliver/provide the item or service? Your delivery deadline may be different than the buyer's deadline if you think it will take more or less time to provide it. Be honest, but keep in mind that the buyer might need the item for an event or by a certain date.

Terms of payment:
Let the buyer know how you will accept payment. You should also note if you require full payment up front in the form of an initial deposit or after the item is complete.

How will you provide or deliver the service or product?
For products, explain your shipping method and packaging here.
When you’re done have a look over your offer before you submit it to make sure all the information is correct. Once you have submitted it you will not be able to make changes. You can always save the offer without submitting it to continue working on it at a later time. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to send your offer to the buyer. Note that your offer will be visible online and each member will be emailed the offer directly Also note that multiple sellers can bid on the same request. Each group member can accept, decline or review your offer.


Confirm your offer

If one or more buyers have accepted your offer, your offer is approved. Congratulations! Sometimes things change in the time between when you submitted a bid and the buyer accepting it. For this reason, once an offer is accepted by the buyer, you must confirm that you are still available to provide the item. Once you confirm that you\'ll sell or provide the item, the request/bid becomes a binding agreement and both you and the buyer agree to follow through with the transaction.


Accept payment and Sell or Provide the item

Once you have confirmed your offer, you should then receive any deposit payment from the buyer according to the terms outlined in the offer. You must provide the product or service as agreed upon in the offer. When you’ve completed the request, just collect any final payment that may be due from Step 3 above, then deliver to the buyer. If you deliver a finished product, then the job is complete.