Help and Guidelines- Overview - Group Buying

Using the Cooperative buying features in Localfront is easy. There's only a few steps needed to start buying as a group:


Creating and Joining Group Requests

Create or Join a Group

Members create or join a group

Groups can be open to everyone or private and anonymous.  

Let's say there's a service or product you are thinking of getting. You just create a group buying request to let everyone know and join your request.

You just need to manage a group that you create or use the General Localfront Buying Group when creating your request.  

Organizer creates a request

As a request organizer, create a group buy request to let everyone know your intention to buy.

Create a Group Request

Members Search and join requests

Now, other members can browse requests and freely join a group requests.

Search group requests
Share your intention to buy

This will help spread the word so that more and more people will join the group. You can easily promote your group buy on facebook or twitter using the sharing buttons on the request page.

Localfront will actively seek Vendors, Suppliers and Manufacturers to meet the needs of the group members.




Sellers and Service Providers make Offers

Vendors, Suppliers and service providers can freely make offers to your group.

Accept Offers

Sellers make offers

Qualified Vendors and Service providers can freely post offers to the public group request.

Members can propose Vendors

People can also make a 'Let's buy it' proposal such as meet-ups at stores at a specific time and place to request a good deal from a selected Vendor.  'Let's buy it' is a self-organized purchase where joining members agree to join at the same place and time.


Members accept Offers and Proposals

Group Members can individually evaluate and accept any of the offers.

Payment and Delivery

Only if a Group Offer is accepted, the provider will confirm the deal and for coupon deals, you will receive a digital coupon by email. If the deal specified any paypal payments, your paypal account will be charged atthis point.