Help and Guidelines- For Members

Making Requests for Local Services and Products

This is a place where everyone can make requests for nearly any type of local service or product. Service Providers then make offers to provide products or services for this request.

This guide will walk through the buyer’s side of a request.


Step 1: Making a request

It's free and easy to make a request. To begin, enter the details of your request here. Here's an overview of the request form in detail:

Title of your request:
This is what other members and service providers will first see when they view a list of requests. Try to make it short, but descriptive so that others will know quickly if they want to participate in your request.

Ideal price per item:
This is the amount you would like to pay for each individual item. Please try to be realistic in your estimate. This serves as an estimate to sellers when they set their own price when submitting a offer. All transactions are in Canadian Dollars (CAD$).

This is the number of items you would like from this request. You can accept multiple offers from different sellers on the same request, or purchase the entire quantity from a single seller.

Purchase Date:
This is when you would like the item to be purchased or service provided. If your request is general enough to support a large group, try to provide enough time for members to join your group.

Your name:
Just to let people know how you or the request are referred to.

Enter your city, zip code, and country. These will help potential group members know what region this request is in and also help target all qualified sellers in this region.

Be sure to describe your request in detail so other members can join and sellers can make an informed offer. Include its purpose, materials, size/measurements and any other important info. You can also include relevant images in your request.

When you\’re done have a look over your request before you submit it to make sure all the information is correct. Once you have submitted it you will not be able to make changes.

Now click on the ‘Submit’ button to publish your request and make it visible to everyone.


Step 2: The bidding process

Qualified sellers will now bid to provide the item you requested. These offers will be posted in the request once approved by Localfront. A seller's offer includes the price (which may be different than the ideal price in your request), shipping costs and terms, payment terms, and a detailed description of the item they offer to provide. Multiple sellers can bid on the same request.

As the buying group member, you now have a few options: accept, decline or review any offers or proposals. The seller can edit their offer at any time before it is accepted by a group member. You can accept multiple offers on the same request, if you would like items from different sellers.

Before you accept an offer, remember that sometimes things change in the time between a seller submitting an offer and you accepting it. For this reason, once you accept an offer, the seller must confirm that they are still available to provide the item. Once a seller confirms they will selel or provide the item, the request/offer becomes a binding agreement and both you and the selelr agree to follow through with the transaction.


Step 3: Receive product or service and Make payment

Once the seller has confirmed the agreement, they need to collect payment from you. If purchasing a product and payment is via paypal, your payment which was authorized when you accepted the offer will be made to the seller according to the terms of the bid outlined in the offer.

The seller will now provide the item or service as agreed. You may review the seller or provide feedback to help other members in future requests.

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