About Us

Localfront is a website that focuses on bringing local merchants and local consumers together.  We encourage buying local by promoting local businesses by enabling consumers to group together to form buying groups or create service requests for these local businesses - to help both the consumers and the local merchants, as well as the community.  We allow local businesses to advertise, and offer group discounts to the general public. Localfront also allows individuals to establish a group, and as a group, propose a bulk purchase to a group or specific vendor.


Our mission is to promote buying local and to provide local consumers the opportunity to choose local businesses by helping them to find good, reliable local service providers or to buy almost anything in a local group, and allow vendors a way to advertise to groups of interested buyers.
Localfront 'Special Offers' provides consumers with opportunities to experience products and services from local merchants at great discounts.



Do you have a suggestion on how to improve LocalFront? Our best ideas have come directly from our users. We value your input and thank all of you who have contributed suggestions.  We may not be able to respond to every email, however, we take our user's suggestions very seriously; we will read and consider every suggestion.

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